Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Story of Roscoe, Our Illegal Kitten.

So. Here is the short, but full of happiness and then disappointment, story of Roscoe, our contraband kitty.

My friend Gabby went to Walmart with her cousin and there was a man giving away kittens for free. And she fell in love. So, she took one knowing full well it was against the rules to have live animals in our dorms. But honestly, how could you say no to this adorable face?

Unfortunately once she got home she learned her roommate was like deathly allergic to cats. So she couldn't keep him in her room. Her cousin's roommate also turned out to be allergic to cats. So what were they to do? They made a plan to find people willing to keep Roscoe (the cute kitty I speak of) for one night, then hopefully the R.A.'s wouldn't catch on and their roommates wouldn't die.

Me and my roommate Shelby were walking innocently to the Cannon Center to get ourselves some Sunday night grub when we both fell in love. (No not with a boy, Dad) but with this adorable little kitty.

When Gabby explained her situation me and Shelby jumped, or should I say pounced, on the opportunity to become Aunts of this cute little creature. Again, how could you say no to that face?

Everything was all planned out and we smuggled the kitty litter, food, and even Roscoe into our room and everything was all set up.

Me and Roscoe instantly had a connection. He played on my bed and just slept in my lap while I finished up homework. I was deep in love with this little kitty. Which I found so surprising because I've never been unusually fond of cats. But for Roscoe I turned into a full throttle cat woman. 

I will admit me and Roscoe had a little falling out. Right when I started to go to bed he decided it was a puuurfect (see what I did there?) time to play with me. Wrong. He kept scratching me trying to get me to play with him. I tried to tell him no but I guess he didn't understand so I gave in and let him play with my Blankie. (Which is a big deal if you know me at all.) Then finally I fell asleep and Roscoe settled down.

He did however keep me up most the night. I had to let him off my bed so he could go use the men's room. And he just explored. I woke up and he was in my laundry basket..which I was quite puzzled about because it's rather tall for a kitty of his tiny stature.

Getting ready that morning was kind of fun to play house with him. He wanted to come to class with me, he would cling to my leg. I have snags in my jeans because he would leap on my lower leg and cling for dear life. It was almost creepy..but still I loved him.

I hurried home in between classes to check on him and found him just playing around our room and right when I walked in he ran to me and jumped on my leg. But this is where things go down hill. I went to the bathroom and he started meowing really loud. I was worried someone would hear him.

Well..someone did hear him. All morning. The custodians heard him and knocked on my door. My heart stopped. I didn't know what to do! I threw (gently of course) Roscoe in my suitemate's room and opened the door frazzled and as red as ever. They said, "We have been hearing cat noises..." And quickly I said, "Oh sorry I was watching something with a cat on it." (Totally lying and if you know me I'm the worst liar ever and I felt horrible but I didn't know what to do! What would happen to Roscoe?!) Then they said, "What would you be watching with cat noises?" And I said, "Just a T.V. show..." Then hesitantly and obviously not believing me they said O.K. and walked away. I closed the door and almost started crying. I was so freaked out. I went and got Roscoe and just held him close. I was shaking like crazy. I felt awful for lying and was worried about what was going to happen. Any sound outside and I jumped up and held Roscoe and looked out our peep hole. Full blown cat woman. 

Yup. Cat woman. 
I frantically texted the owner and told her she needed to come get him ASAP and told my roommate too. I was just pacing back and forth holding Roscoe. I turned on some music to try to help cover his meows, which just made things more suspicious. Finally Shelby and Gabi came home and we put everything in bags and tried to sneak out. I knew we would be caught. I couldn't live with this.

The suspicious custodians were smart. One was hanging outside my door pretending to clean the wall. Right as we walked out she got on her walkie talkie and said, "They have the cat in a bag and they are walking out right now." I knew it was all over. This older women met us outside and stopped us. We confessed everything and told her we would take it to a shelter right then. Luckily my sister's car was in the lot and she'd be in class for a while so we could go right then. She told us she turned me and Shelby's room into the police and they may be coming around just to talk to us. She said nothing bad would happen since we were taking care of it. (This will be my fourth, and last, encounter with the police while here at BYU..just saying.)

I had to walk back to my dorm before we left to get my keys for Sara's car and I saw the custodians I lied to and apologized for lying and explained I was just scared of what would happen to Roscoe. They understood, no hard feelings.

We found a shelter and took him in and I honestly almost cried. It's embarrassing how attached I got. I miss my buddy Roscoe. It's sad coming home and not having someone excitedly greet you like he did. No one to cuddle with or love you unconditionally. Yes this is all embarrassing because I only had him for a couple hours but again, how can you not get attached to this face?
I will always love you Rosoce. Always.
Cheesy I know. You don't know the love we had. 

But wanna know the best part? One of the custodians wrote us a note and apologized for scaring me and said she hoped we could be on good terms. She went on to say that in "a way we could never imagine" us and our cat were an answer to her prayers. How cool is that? We found out when she works and are going to try to talk to her to find out how we were an answer to her prayers.

All in all the only part of this whole thing I regret is lying. I'm not a good enough liar to get away with such a thing as housing a cat in my dorm. And it's just wrong. And we probably wouldn't have been turned into the police if had just been honest.

Moral of the Story:

Honesty is the best policy.

He sat on my computer, like so,
and turned on the music and it scared him. <3

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