Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yet Another To Do List..

It's what I do, make To Do lists. I even write on my To Do lists to make a To Do list. (haha just kidding..)

1. Bonfire in the Mountains
2. Camp in the Mountains
3. Hiking the Y at night and stay for the sunrise
3. Hike to the tip of Squaw Pike to yell something clever (still thinking of what that might be..any ideas?)
4. Tube down Provo River
5. See a Divine Comedy Show
6. Get Scuba certified
7. Go on a Study Abroad in Fiji/New Zealand/Australia
8. Go to Africa (yup, still planning on that)
9. Dirty Dash
10. Run a Marathon with my Dad.

Nope. Not Accurate Patrick Star. 

Things I have crossed off my To Do List:
1. 4 encounters with the cops. (k that wasn't exactly on my list but hey, I'll write it so I can cross it off)
2. House an illegal cat. (again, not exactly on my list)
3. Have a food fight.
4. Get a dreadlock (yup I had one for a day or so. it was gross.)
5. See Jimmer Fredette. TWICE.
6. Eat cereal with a fork (k not on list either but I did do it. It's not so bad..)
7. Stay out until 7am (I don't recommend it.)
8. Mud sliding on BYU campus! TWICE.
9. Hot Springs late at night. (also, I don't recommend it.)
10. Graduate from Physical Therapy! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Yup. There is a quick update of my things to do and things I have done. Pretty exciting I know. :)

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