Monday, January 28, 2013

New Testament

This past week in my New Testament class we talked about Acts 12. We talked about when Peter was in prison and the people were praying for him to be released and their prayer was answered. But when a child came to tell them that Peter was released they didn't believe or even pay any mind to the child and continued to pray. I think this can perfectly apply to our lives. I find that sometimes I pray for things without fully believing that what I'm asking for could happen. What good does a prayer do if you don't pray in faith? I think also we may ask for things then not wait and be ready to receive the answer. We just go on our way having said the prayer but not really anticipating receiving an answer.

It is important to first pray in faith, fully believing that you will receive an answer to that prayer. Then after you've said that prayer be ready and willing to accept the answer you receive, whatever it may be. This is something that is hard for me. I struggle with receiving answers I don't like. It's something I need to work on. I'm also working on being more open and ready for the answers and promptings as they come. I often catch myself saying a quick prayer asking for this and that then not taking the time to receive an answer. This week I am determined to work on this and get better at being open to the Spirit to give me promptings and answers to my prayers.

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