Monday, January 28, 2013

A Perfect 20th Birthday

Two days ago I turned 20. For 2 decades I have been roaming this earth creating great friendships and memories. It's been one incredible party, let me tell you. 

I'll admit I was not super excited to be turning 20 because that means I can't do dumb things and blame it on my "teenage brain." Now I'm kind of like a full-fledged adult. Only kind of though. 

Even though I wasn't thrilled with getting old I had the best birthday ever. This birthday trumps all others. The whole day I felt overwhelmingly loved and cared for by my friends and family and that is the best gift I could have ever asked for. 

Let me give you the run down of the terrific day. 

I woke up facetimed my cute mom and then went to get breakfast (or breakfrist as I like to call it) with my sister and Shaunessy. We got delicious crepes and I received my gift from Sara and a gift from my parents. Both gifts extremely practical and perfect for my upcoming events (Africa, Mission). 

After such a perfect breakfrist I came home to find a exquisitely wonderful surprise from my amazing roommates Makenzie, Alex, and Kyla. As I go to walk into my building I find these on the doors:

Even greater than my face plastered on every door in da hood is the surprise I found next. They had printed out pictures of my friends and family and put their heads on other bodies and put them all around my room. It is the most hilarious thing I think I've ever seen. I was dying laughing. They are so clever and just the best roommates I could ask for! Here are some examples:

After I laughed to my hearts content I got a call from a dashing young gent and told me he would like to take me shooting! What a pleasant surprise it was! His roommate took us up the mountain to a shooting range and let us use his gun! It was scary but one of the greatest things I've ever done! Turns out I'm not that bad of a shot! I'm not quite as good as the dashing young gent though. Then this dashing young gent took me to one of the best kept secrets in Provo. It was so great! 

Then I came home and played some Banana Grams to kill time before dinner. After a few rounds a few of my favorites and I went to Malawi's for dinner. Twas delicious. What a great bunch. 

To end the day right we had a dance party at my apartment. As most of you loyal blog readers know I love to shake my groove thang whenever I can. So my amazing roommates made an endless amount of cookies, put up beautiful decorations, even bought glowsticks and got the party started! We danced the night away it was perfect. 

Overall I got everything I asked for. From cookies to just love it was all there. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life that I can count on no matter what. So a HUGE thanks to everyone who had anything to do with my perfect birthday! Seriously you don't know how much all the love, gifts, and sweet words mean to me. 

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