Friday, January 18, 2013

Annie Turner will run that errand for Him.

For my New Testament class we are asked to write a blog about our thoughts from the reading from that week, so now I'll be posting every week about churchie stuff. I'll be honest and say this makes me a little excited!

So for this week we read Acts 7-12 and as I read one thing in particular kept jumping out at me. Whenever any of the apostles or disciples were told to do something from the Lord they, "immediately" did it, or "went straightway" to do the thing which the Lord asked, or "ran," or arose and went...nothing doubting." What an amazing example that is to us. I want to have that much faith that without hesitation I go and do whatever it is the Lord is asking of me to do.

It reminds me of a quote from Pres. Monson, "I trust Him implicitly, and will always do my best to fulfill my responsibilies. I've always said that if the Lord has an errand to be run, I want Him to know that Tom Monson will run that errand for Him."

I want the Lord to know that about me too. I want Him to trust me enough to know that no matter how crazy it might sound or out of the ordinary the errand is, He can trust me to run it for Him without hesitation. I have a lot of improving to do before I'm there that is for sure, but I'm starting now to look and pray for ways to fulfill my responsibility as a follower of Christ.

I love this gospel and I hope that instead of ignoring my churchie posts you take the 5 minutes it might take to read them and think about them a little. That's all I ask! Love you all loyal blog-readers!

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