Friday, May 18, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

I have to say I'm not the biggest baseball fan. 
Honestly I thought it was the most boring sport ever. 
But now that I've started going to National's games I have absolutely loved it. 

I love sports, but mostly just playing them. 
I have never been a huge sports fan, meaning I haven't really followed teams at all.
But since my family has started following the Nats a little bit more I've loved getting to know the players and knowing little facts about them and just other random fun things.

I love the Nats stadium. 
First of all it's in DC which I think is the greatest city in the world. 
Second, it's gorgeous.
Third, it's in the greatest city in the world.

I love the atmosphere. 
I love the "natitude."
I love the intense videos they play of each player when they come up to bat. 
I love the 7th inning stretch where we get up and sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game.
I love the President's race and hope to witness Teddy win at least once! 
I love the people I go with and the people I see there.
There are the crazy die hard fans, the cute kids decked out in Nats attire, there are the slightly older kids who idolize the players and dream of becoming them someday, and then there are the fans for fun. That's me, I'm just there to enjoy it all, the hot dogs, peanuts, people, and most of all the Nationals. 

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