Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Beach Trip Part 1

This weekend has been one of the best weekends of my life. I am just so blessed and filled with gratitude for the amazing people in my life and my beautiful surroundings here in the Outer Banks. My parents were nice enough to let me invite a couple friends to crash our beloved beach week and I seriously can't thank them enough for it. Let me try to put in words for you just how great this weekend has been.

Day 1:
Emily slept over at my house and after some nice pillow talk we went to bed only to wake up a few hours later before the break of dawn at 4:30. We were out of the house by 5 and on our way to Avon, North Carolina by 5:30.  We made great time and got to the house early afternoon and headed straight for the beach. After some time at the beach we thought we'd check out the pool. We had nummy Taco Salads and had the first of many interesting discussions and random things with the help of Mom's "Table Topic" cards. Later that night we got ice cream and watch "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." We star gazed a little then went to bed.

Day 2:
Everyone rolled out of bed around 11:30 and it was raining so we played our favorite game, pounce. Of course, I won. Then we decided to go to the Lighthouse. We took some pictures and decided against paying 7 bucks to walk a billion stairs and headed home to go to the beach. On our way home we stopped at some shops and stole some things (Brandon), took some racy pictures, and just had a jolly ol' time. On Day one I got a little more sun then intended so I took my umbrella, chair, and most importantly, Diet Coke and took my role as Mom on the beach. I took some fun pictures of my "kids", read and wrote in my journal. So proud of those kids. After our beach time we came home to Hawaiian Haystacks which became a quick crowd favorite. We had more interesting discussions led by the "Table Topics" cards. This particular discussion was interesting and may or may not have prompted me to get a little emotional. After the tear-jerking discussion, we watched Super 8, a movie I didn't particularly care for. Then we headed to bed, where Brandon farted and made the room smell awful. I was lucky enough to get my own room so I was unaffected by the smell. But let me tell you, it was bad. 

Day 3: 
Again we all got up around 12 and headed right to the beach. After laughing and choking in the ocean we retired to just chill on the beach. But then diaster struck- Griffin lost his Go Pro in the ocean. We took many walks on the beach hoping and praying (well I guess I did most of the praying) for a miracle, but no luck. After the beach we decided to get snow cones from our favorite place and then head to the pool. The pool was quite an eventful experience. Emily was spinning me around and I was laughing so hard in and out of the water. Then after the spinning stopped I was coughing from laughing in the water and...well...I threw up. In the pool. I don't understand how that could have happened. I mean come on? I've never been one to throw up after spinning or getting dizzy! I've had many of those snow cones over the years and never have had that reaction. Maybe it was because I was choking? I don't understand. But after I threw up we immediately swam away and could not stop laughing. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my whole life. I just don't understand how that happened. Then the weirdest part was that the throw up was nowhere to be found. All I remember seeing was red flecks and then in that moment I was so embarrassed and so I tried to spread it around so you couldn't see it. Then I turned and swam away. Everytime I think about it I just burst into laughter. I just can't believe that actually happened. But anyways, on to the rest of the day. After the pool we came home and had left overs for dinner and then went off to find s'mores ingredients and wood to have a bonfire on the beach. That night was one of those nights you just never want to end. There were a couple moments where we all just sat silently listening to Brandon playing his guitar and just looked up at the stars and tried to take it all in. Then one of us (ok usually me) would break the silence by saying something cheesy like, "I just love you guys!" or "I don't want to have to leave tomorrow!"All together it was an amazing night. It was one of those nights, and days, you just never forget. 

Day 4:
Day 4 was relatively uneventful. Emily, Griffin, and I woke up to watch the sunrise, which was very nice, then we came home to go back to sleep. Around 11:30 everyone was packed up and ready to leave. We said our good-byes and they were off. I was left alone with my parents, who aren't all bad. :) 

All in all my weekend was one of the best weekends ever. I have the best friends and the best parents. I'm so blessed. 

Most all of these pictures were taken by Griffin Harrington. Check him out, griffinharrington.com

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