Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glory Days Part 1

So last night my boyfriend (yup, I said it, my boyfriend. No time to explain, that's a whole other blog post. Just know I'm super happy! hehe) Anyways where was I? Oh yes. My boyfriend, Josh, did what I thought no one would ever do with me.

He watched my graduation video with me. 

If you ask my roommates about that they will promptly roll their eyes and give a sarcastic remark. Whenever we sit down to watch a movie and don't know what to watch I shout out, "Let's watch my graduation video! Or my lacrosse video! Or my other 'memories from high school' videos!" I usually get multiple rolls of the eyes and chuckles that shout, "NO."

But I guess to prove how much he really likes me he said yes to my sarcastic plea to watch clips of my glory days. To my surprise his yes wasn't sarcastic, he was serious. I'm still a little shocked we watched it.

Josh kept saying, "Man, you really liked high school huh?" All I kept thinking was, is that a bad thing? It still surprises me that other people didn't get to have such a great high school experience as I did. I find that really sad! But it got me thinking. Is it bad that 2 years after high school I still find myself wishing to be back there on occasion? Now that I see that typed out I realize, yes. Yes it is bad that I long to be back in high school from time to time.

I sometimes refer to my high school years as my Glory Days. But now that I think about it more I don't want my high school years to be my Glory Days. I am far too young to already have Glory Days. I hope those days are yet to come! I'll just start calling those years Glory Days Part 1, and then I'll go on to create a Part 2, a Part 3, and so on! If I don't start making more parts I'll become like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite! Now that would be just plain ol' pathetic.

So thanks Josh for helping me realize that it's time to move on. Yes, when I think of high school tons of fond memories come flooding back, and that's not a bad thing. But there are better days to come and that is something to be so excited for.

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