Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here I am sitting the library all set up to study some Anatomy but I can't bring myself to do it. I just can't. My dad did tell me it was time for a new blogpost so this is considered productive right? (Just say yes.)

Here are my most recent life updates:

Mission plans are still being figured out. I am planning on leaving after Winter Semester. That has just been feeling right lately. Nothing else huge to report there, other than I am super excited and also terrified. Yay!

Jr. Jazz is so much fun! Did I mention I was coaching a 1st and 2nd grade Basketball team? Well I am and it is so much fun! My assistant coach Carter and I have 8 rambunctious boys on our team. They are so fun. They are quite the handful and have attention spans of a goldfish but oh so much fun. They are actually pretty good too! Technically we don't keep score but I do. I'm too competitive not to. Coaching these boys confirms to me that I am pursuing the right career. Which is a great feeling.

Shaunessy came down to visit this weekend! I love that girl so much it's almost ridiculous. We had a lot of fun but the time went by way to quickly. She is amazing. I am so lucky to have her in my life. Gahh I love her.

Isn't she beautiful? 
A couple weeks ago I got to go see my favorite band in concert. It was one of the best days ever. I wrote a whole blog post about it but it didn't save and I was mad so I'm just going to give a brief recap of it. It was very stressful let me tell you. They pushed all the bands up so we were so close to missing Imagine Dragons (my favorite band). We got up and had to show them our confirmation number on my phone but I could not find the email. I was shaking so bad and may or may not have peed my pants. (don't worry about happens...right?) So we get up there with no email still and I shoved my phone in this gigantic security guards face with some other email from the concert people and yell, "This is all I can find! But I promise I have 2 tickets!" He said, "You're shaking.." I yelled back, "Yea I know I'm missing my favorite band!" He gave me a hesitant look and I promptly yelled, "I have my temple recommend! I am worthy and honest!" Then this huge security guard looked at me with a face of relief and said, "Oh you have a recommend! Go on in!" We took off running. Only in Utah my friends, only in Utah. We made our way to some bushes and sat in them to see. It was so great. They are so great. Love. 

Neon Trees were there too! They were so much fun to watch!

In other news, my lacrosse stick broke. I went home and cried. I cried for other reasons too, it was a generally not good day without the breaking of my stick and then this just made it 10x worse. 

Anyways. That's the latest and greatest. Life is pretty good right now. I guess I should get back to studying. Or I mean, start studying. Tootles! 

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