Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dance Like Nobody's Watching...Literally

"Dance like nobody's watching and sing like nobody's listening"

This is one of my life mottos. I have a couple I guess but you can never have enough mottos right? This is one my mom always used to tell me before choir concerts, voice recitals, and step competitions. This doesn't have to be taken literally but I take it very literally. My roommates and family can attest to that. Almost every night my roommates get the pleasure of witnessing me make a fool of myself by dancing ridiculously horrible. They also get to hear my angelic voice all hours of the day. They especially love when I sing while they are trying to study. They tell me I sing even when my headphones are in but I don't believe them. If that were true it would explain the weird looks I get in the library and walking to campus but I think those looks are just them admiring my beauty. Don't you? 

Every once and a while you need a good DP (Dance Party) to get all your stress and wiggles out. Or in the case of my roommates and I to increase your wiggles. I especially love when I am home alone. Which doesn't happen very often with an apartment of 6, but on the off chance that I'm home alone you can pretty much guarantee that I'm belting out my favorite music and dancing around like a fool. 

I always try to trick myself into thinking that I can take a 5 minute Dance break while studying and then be more focused but that's never the case. Those 5 minute dance breaks just make me more hyper and antsy. I'll continue to work on that though.  

Can I leave you with a challenge? Find the time to dance and sing your hearts out. I promise it will increase you happiness. And who doesn't want an increase of happiness?

Also this is my most recent favorite song to jam to-

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