Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Decided.

I'm going to be a Gym Teacher. 
I don't care that people make fun of it.
And I don't care I'll make very little money.

But I do care about the kids I'll be able to influence. 
I care about the lives I can hopefully change for the better.
I care about teaching kids that being fit can also be fun.
I care about providing at least one good example to that child that may have none. 
And I care about having a flexible job so I can be there for my family.

Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. 
This summer working at the kids camp has helped me see what my 
life would be like if I were to become a Gym Teacher.

Even though there are tough moments during the day at the end of each day 
I leave happy and feeling good about myself. 
I leave hoping that I helped at least one child find joy in their day. 
And that's what I'll strive to do, 
help others find the joy in life. 

Working at this camp has opened my eyes to how tough and 
just downright tragic some children's lives are.
It breaks my heart to hear how broken some homes are and how it affects the children involved. 

I had one girl at camp say to me, "Wishes never come true and prayers are never answered."
Immediately I responded with, "That is not true!"
She rebutted, "Well my wishes never come true and my prayers are never answered so I've just stopped wishing and stopped praying."
It took everything in me to not go all preachy and tell her every instance in my life when my prayers have been answered and my wishes came true. It just wasn't the time or place.
I just kept trying to tell her that she should never stop praying and never stop wishing. 

I can't stand to think that this little 8 year old girl's conclusions about prayers and wishes wasn't unique. 
Knowing that, I don't know how I can sit by and not do anything about it.
These kids deserve the best, and they deserve more then anything to know that wishes come true and that prayers are answered.
So I'm promising to work my best to be the best for these kids that 
have such great potential but don't see it.

Even though I'm fully aware that my life plan could change, there is one thing that I've decided for sure:
I have to do something to help these kids with such tragic stories see their great potential. 
Or at least help them believe that wishes do come true and prayers are answered. 

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  1. so sad, and so cute. i have had a lot of experiences like that at day camp. But I am beyond excited you know what you want to do!