Friday, March 2, 2012

Things Tina Talked Me Into

Tina Childs. Also known as Christina Childs. Also known as Teens. 
This girl is one of the most persuasive people I know.
Like seriously I'm pretty sure she can talk anyone into anything. 
Which usually is a good thing.
As a matter of fact, she talked me into writing this blog.. 

So. Here are just some of the things this girl has talked in into doing.

Tina talked me into hiking the Y at midnight. Not that wild of a thing but it was spontaneous and great. It was a little chilly and there was for sure snow and ice but it was well worth it once we go to the top. The view was amazing. I think the best part thought was that my knee could handle it. It was getting a little shaky at the end but that was probably just because it was like 2 in the morning. 

Tina talked me into camping at Zion's National Park. In February. With no real plan. If you know me at all you know that I love a good plan. It's difficult for me to do things without a plan. But if you know Tina at all you know that the meaning of the word plan to her is, "let's do something!" And that something is unknown until you are already knee deep in the activity. So I think it's safe to say I'm adjusting to life with Tina. haha Anyways, we decided on Thursday we'd go camping Friday night at Zion's. I borrowed my cousins tent and sleeping bag and my sister's car (thanks everyone) and we were off on Friday afternoon. We had no back up plan for if we didn't get a spot at the Zion's campground which slightly stressed me out, but I went with the flow. It was freezing but so fun. So worth it.

Tina talked into kissing a stranger in Walmart. Yea. Gross right? Please enjoy the story behind that statement. We were doing a scavenger hunt where different items on a list earned you points. Most were between 1-10 points but 3 things earned you 50 points. And one of those things was to kiss a random stranger. I was in a group with Tina, Kenzie, and one of Tina's friends, Josh. Either Tina or Kenzie had the brillant idea of having me kiss a stranger because I'm a least likely to do it. I went along honestly thinking it wouldn't actually happen. And after 5 guys said no for various reasons (I have a girlfriend, I don't speak english, I'm working, I'm sick...) my ego was a little crushed and I had even less faith in this actually happening. But then 3 boys walked by and our friend Josh stopped him and asked if they'd all kiss one of us. They were all down. The first boy beelined for Tina and the second Kenzie called. That left me with a not-so-bad looking boy with a camo hat, huge belt buckle, and big army-style boots. Cool guys. But I did it. There is even a picture to prove it. But I'm not showing you. Sorry yo. In the end we didn't end up winning. So it was all for nothing. A cool college story I guess?

I'm sure there is more Tina has talked me into doing but I'm drawing a blank right now. Moral of these stories is that Tina Childs is one great girl. So glad she moved out west to be with me. OK not really with me..but I like to think so. :) Thanks girl for the fun you make me have! Love you!

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