Friday, March 9, 2012

happy day!

Today is a great day. 

Here is why:
I got a 96% on my New Testament Test.
Which to some may seem not as great as it is because it's a religion class, 
I struggle with this teacher's tests, and just tests in general.
I had him for Book of Mormon too and I never did that well on his tests.
I got a 60 something on the last one, just to give you some idea of how great a 96 is. 
If you are wondering why I still take from this teacher even though I struggle with his tests it's because he is the most amazing teacher ever. He cares so much for each one of his students, he knows them all by name. Which is pretty amazing for a BYU professor. Not only does he know the names of the students he currently has but he remembers the names of all his previous students. That's just plain amazing. (Hank Smith everyone, you must take a class from him if you come to BYU. YOU MUST.)

^^ this may be the best feeling ever. ^^

Anyways..let's get back on topic. 

The weather today is SUPERB. Like windows down, sunglasses on, hang out outside kind of weather. 
Which is something rather amazing for Utah in early March. 

I have a outfit I love on today. 
I didn't have it on all day but I have it on now and I feel so east coast-y and I love it. 

I had lunch with my sister.
So good to catch up.
And I have my sister's car. 
I have the best sister in the world. 
Like seriously. 
She is so good to me. 
She is so patient and kind and just plain great.
I'm glad we are friends now. 
Love you sis.

The day isn't even over.
Playing night games on campus tonight and hopefully hitting golf balls of a mountain.
Yup. It doesn't get much better than this.

I hope you had an amazing day as well!
Keep on keepin' on!
Be happy!

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