Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine's Day

Like I said in the other Valentine's Day post this year I had a new outlook on the whole "Day of Love" thing. I was determined not to be depressed or feel sorry for myself since I'm single. I'm happy single. It leaves me available to every beautiful man that wants me. (And by every I mean no one.) But seriously I have so many reasons to be happy on Valentine's day that it's pathetic and embarrassing to throw myself a pity party every February 14th.

So anyways, this year I was excited for Valentine's. I was excited to celebrate the love I have and how my love will only increase throughout my life. I didn't do all I had planned, but it only motivates me more for next year. But here are the things that did happen this year-

Monday night around 11pm I had a knock on my door. I was home alone so I couldn't make Makenzie get it. I'm never happy about having to get out of my bed to open the door but this time I was especially upset because I was watching a really good movie. But reluctantly I jumped out of bed and opened my door to find single rose with my name on it. I didn't say who it was from. I was so intrigued and honestly I thought it was a joke. I almost immediately called Makenzie to ask if it was her and our friends she was with. To my surprise, it was not them. Then I texted my sister to see if her or Jason had sent it. Nope. Not them either. I even asked my Dad. They all could be lying but I'm fairly good at seeing through their lies. So I stopped trying to figure out who it was and just began to fantasize about who it could be. Some wonderful friend who thought to make sure I had at least something on Valentine's? A stalker who drugged it so he could kidnapp me? Or could it be this boy in one of my classes that I love who is just too shy to tell me he feels the same way I do and we should get married? I choose the third option. But in all seriousness, thanks boy in my class. I love you too.

Me and my Rose :)

So that was the long drawn out story of my anonymous rose. It was just the kick-off to the rest of my wonderful Valentine's day. While going to class I just smiled and was happy for the couples. I got excited seeing all the boys hiding roses behind their backs waiting for their girlfriends to come out of class. I loved watching the girls walk around smelling their flowers with an un-erasable smile on their face. I think I just love seeing people happy. Which in turn makes me happy.

But if all that wasn't enough I get a package from my Dad with one dozen GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES. For those of you who are noobs to the Cupcake world they are some of the best cupcakes out there. And even better than that, they are from home. So wonderful. And my wonderful roommate Makenzie brought my nummy ice cream. Isn't she sweet?

And to top it all off I had a fun night with my girls. We ate cupcakes and watched Water for Elephants.

What a wonderful Valentine's Day I had. Love you all my loyal blog readers! I hope you also felt the love on Valentine's Day!

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