Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birfday Blog!

Birfday Blog, Birfday Blog, Birfday Blog. 
(Only a few of you will get/should get that.)

Well. I'm 19.

But anyways. My birthday was wonderful. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

I went to Olive Garden with my besties.

Nicely wrapped gifts from Alex and Kenz. Love those two.

BYU Lax Shirt. They know me so well. 
It also came with a Jimmer DVD, and Chocolate Cinnamon Bears.
How wonderful is that?

I finally got my Drug Rug. FINALLY.

My wonderful roommate made these and placed them all around our room. 
How great is she?

Love that this is Number 1. :)


I love being placed above the beautiful Rachel McAdams.


Yea, I'm pretty cool.



I always win.

Never again.

Yea well...there is a reason we get along so well..

Yup. Always have, always will.

I can't help my Motherly tendencies. 

It's actually my 5th grade picture. It's great.

I sent this to Ellen. I'm sure she'll find good use for it. :)


I don't recall this..


Always end too late. 

I'm a good time.

aww yeaahh. :)

Notice my new Birthday Outfit from Mama :)

Thanks Roomie. <3

I also got happy, wonderful flowers from my Papa.

I also got a note and some kisses from "Justin Bieber", Martinelli's, and other little treats and surprises left at my door by anonymous do-gooders.

Overall it was a wonderful birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it so great. :)

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