Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi my name is Annie and I'm a Blog Slacker.

My sincerest apologies loyal bloggers. I have had a whirlwind of a month of September with school, work, engaged-ness, and wedding planning! I finally had a moment to breathe today in between my errands and homework so I thought I'd blog!

Let me start by saying that I am so incredibly blessed. It's overwhelming. I am so in love with my fiance, everyday I am surprised that I can fall more in love with him. With our crazy schedules we have had to work at planning time for each other but I think we are pros now. We don't really have many great hobbies so we are currently working on a list of new hobbies to find some favorites. We are taking suggestions, so please, help a poor, unskilled, semi-impatient, couple learn a new hobby. It's tough because I'm too competitive to do things I know he will beat me at and he is better at too many things! So if you are going to put in suggestions make sure we will be evenly matched. Or even better, suggest things I will be better at. :)

Everyday is a good day with Josh. Each night I go to bed with a smile on my face because I know that I'm one day closer to being sealed to my best friend for all time and eternity. What a wonderful thing!

In other news I have 2 jobs! What? God is so good. I have been praying for a job to come along that would work with my schedule and something that I'd enjoy and He delivered not one, but two jobs! I work twice a week as a 1st and 2nd grade basketball referee and it is so much fun. Kids are adorable, and I am really impressed with some of their basketball skills! My second job I just got and haven't started yet, but I'm excited for it! I work at the Information Desk at the RB (a building on campus with basketball courts, racquetball courts, etc). I will have plenty of time to work on my homework while working and it'll be great! Hopefully I can stay on for the winter and keep this job for most if not all of my BYU career! 

Wedding planning is coming along nicely. There have definitely been stressful days but I'm so grateful for such amazing support from both my family and Josh's family. My weeks have been packed with homework, work, and wedding appointments. This week should be the week that I get my wedding dress! I'm anxious to see the final product! 

Life is so good. I am so incredibly happy, blessed, and busy- all great things to be if you ask me. 

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