Monday, April 1, 2013

Decisions, Decisions.

This last week in class we talked about how God gives us 3 different answers when we seek them: yes, no, and silence. Personally I hate the silence answer the most. I'd prefer a straight answer of how to move forward and I'll gladly follow whatever plan Heavenly Father has for me! Especially recently as I've had some important decisions to make in my life I've wanted clear answers on how to move forward. 

We compared our asking to Joseph Smith's asking when he asked what church he should join. He asked with the intention and determination to act on his answer. I think in all my decision making I hadn't asked with a sincere intent to act on my answer. But as I began to make decisions using my own agency I began to receive confirmations on my actions and my decisions. As I better understood how Heavenly Father's way of answer our questions I could better ask questions with a greater risk of receiving an answer.

God is good, and He takes really good care of His children. If we ask with sincere intent to act on the answers we receive we will receive greater promptings. As we grow to better understand the Lord's will we can easily align our will with His.

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