Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Africa!

I feel like you loyal blog readers deserve the whole story behind my deciding to go to Africa this Summer. So, here is the full story:

A little background. I've always wanted to go to Africa. Not sure why, but I just always have. Everything about Africa fascinates me. Ok. There is your background.

So on a random day I had been figuring out my schedule for next semester and on a whim I decided to take a Peoples of Africa class. I choose this class over one that I needed for my major so it seemed strange but I wanted to take it so I am.

Then later that week I had been in class and struggling to stay awake and thought, man I would love some Hot Chocolate right about now. So after class I made my way to the Wilk to get some Hot Chocolate. Then to my surprise HELP International was giving out FREE Hot Chocolate. I was thrilled. I graciously took the Hot Chocolate and continued on to my study spot. Once I got settled I went to HELP's webpage and before I knew I was about to hit submit to apply to go to Mbale, Uganda in Africa.

I quickly realized what I was about to do and decided it was probably a good idea if I talk this through with my parents and plan a little bit more for this. (Good idea right?) I called my Dad and told him what was going on and he was understandably surprised and yet so supportive. He calmly asked questions and urged me to take some time to think about it and plan things through before hitting submit. What a brillant man. He said, "Trust you to find these random things to pursue. This is so you!" Which I took as a compliment. Thanks Dad for talking some sense into me.

I didn't hit submit but I couldn't stop thinking about it. The more I researched and the more I thought about it the more excited I got. To add to my excitement HELP called me about my application. (Keep in mind I still hadn't hit submit!) He answered some of my questions and urged me to hit submit. I was on my way to meet my sister for lunch and so I told her about these little coincidences and asked if she thought they meant anything. She said, "Annie if I've learned anything through all this stuff I've gone through this year it's that nothing is a coincidence. Go to Africa." Best advice ever. She is the best sister ever.

So I went home and hit submit. Yup I just did it. I had a minor freak out after I hit submit. Oh man it still doesn't seem real.

The next day I called my Mom to talk to her. I'll be honest and say I was a little nervous because I knew she was super nervous about me going to Africa. She was great though. She did express a lot of concern but she also expressed a lot of love and support. Which I greatly appreciate.

So anyways to make this long story somewhat short, I had an interview with HELP and I think it went really well and then I got an official acceptance email the other day and well, I'M GOING TO AFRICA! I'm planning on going June 15 - August 15th then serve a mission after that. I'm still trying to figure out all the timing and details but that's the plan for now! Don't worry, I'll keep you updated on everything! Thanks for the support!

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