Thursday, August 30, 2012

Return to the Bubble

It has been quite a triumphant return to the BYU Bubble, let me tell you. Everything has been going so well. (I'm hoping I'm not jinxing it by writing this blog..) Let me tell you everything that has been happening this first week of coming back to the Bubble.

Let me start with the way I got here. I drove. Well, my Dad drove. He never let me drive even though I'm an excellent driver. (My dad would probably chime in here and say that He offered, I just didn't care to. Which is true. I just like to give him a hard time.)

We started out Thursday afternoon and made it to Kentucky. We stayed the night in Kentucky and then started again at the crack of dawn (thanks Dad) and headed west. I drove that morning while we listened to Dad's super sad, slow music. Then after we, or should I say I, got sick of the sadness, we switched drivers and thankfully, music. That night we made it to somewhere in Kansas. I'm sorry, but Kansas is the worst state to drive through. This was the view the whole time-

But the next morning, we woke up with even more determination because we had to get out of Kansas. Dad drove the whole 3rd day. I slept, sang, chatted, and sat. In fact I sang so much I began to lose my voice. I'm sure my dad enjoyed that. haha We finally made it through Kansas into Colorado and the further west in Colorado we got, the more beautiful it got. I loved Colorado. Especially Vale. I forced my dad to stop in Vale and we had lunch and snooped around a little and we loved it! Colorado was great. 

We kept going and drove all the way to my sweet Grandpa's house. We got there pretty late so we when to bed soon after we arrived. The next day we broke the Sabbath and went to lunch at Olive Garden and bought Grandpa a whole bunch of food he didn't eat. It was great. Then we stopped quickly by my cousin Teresa's house where she welcomed me with some fun gifts for school. We got to meet her fiance too! They are such a cute, great couple and we couldn't be happier for her. Then we headed down to my Grandma Snow's for Sunday dinner. It was fun to see all the family again. I'm so glad to be back in Provo!

After making many trips back and forth from my car and a couple meltdowns, I am finally moved in. I absolutely love where I am living. Yes it's not the nicest place in Provo but I love my roommates and my ward. Everything has been going so well for me this semester. I know school is going to kick my butt but I am so exited for all this year has in store for me. :) 

All my roommates except Kyla! We will get a complete picture soon!!

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