Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Tonight I started looking at old pictures from High School and Kenzie could tell you I was dying. Bursts of laugher after every click. 
I miss my crazy friends and I can't wait to go home and take more crazy pictures with them.
 I'll show you some highlights.

There are so many other good ones that I'm sure I missed but there are just a few of the ones that made me burst out laughing. I hope you got a good laugh out of them too.

These pictures make me miss high school. I absolutely loved high school. I was so lucky to be involved in everything I was involved in and to have the amazing friends I had. I miss it all. Glad I have these pictures to remember all the good times. Can't wait to see you crazy Herndon-ites in a few weeks! 
Love and miss you all! 

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